3dconnexion.com Website Review & Ratings + 3Dconnexion Coupons
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3dconnexion.com Website Review & Ratings + 3Dconnexion Coupons

3Dconnexion: Products & Services

Applying extensive knowledge and experience, 3dconnexion delivers high quality 2D and 3D mouse designs. 3Dconexxion offers digital prototyping; they bring technology to a new level covering fields of aerospace, electronics, automotive, machine tools, consumer goods to game enhancement. Their products feature increased navigation productivity and performance. The SpacePilot Pro  with its QuickView navigation and LCD Workflow assistant feature enables the user to have quick access to vital information.  It is enhanced with maximum navigation performance, powerful and smooth controls for efficiency.  SpaceMouse Pro has the patented 6 degrees sensor for easy and defined navigation and positioning. It offers soft and programmable function keys along with advanced ergonomic design for comfort and provides visual support by On Screen Display allowing wide viewing options. SpaceExplorer offers an award winning advanced comfort and durability design for maximum navigation experience and utilization. The SpaceNavigator is specially designed for Notebook users with compact and lightweight features enabling transport durability with retained efficiency. The SpaceNavigator offers an enhanced 3D feature that takes the user to a whole new navigation experience ideal for game utilization.

Their products work with various software in the fields of mechanical engineering, media and entertainment, construction and architecture, gaming and Geo information. They also offer services such as driver downloads and software development. They also offer technical support and product registration.

3Dconnexion: Company Background

Formed in September 2001 by Logitech with the joined resources of Europe based LogiCAD3D and Labtec, 3Dconnexxion assembles a line of motion controller devices with patented features or a 3D mouse. These are ideal for CAD applications, animations and 3 dimensional visualizations with programmable and wide positioning attribute. Their products’ are designed in line with robotics field and space exploration and was used for the latter in Columbia in 1993. The company used patented metric system to ensure optimum performance in 3D software.   In March 2011, the company has shipped their 1,000,000th 3D mouse claiming their position of the world’s leading mouse provider specially designed for 3D content and professional utilization.

3Dconnexion: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The company’s website includes a page for customer from various fields to share their testimonials and reviews for the products that they offer.  All of which cites the devices’ high-end features as an effective and efficient way in keeping up with their respective industry’s competition. They also regarded the company software and mice to be essential in creating first class designs and enhancing visualizations and program manipulation and development. 

A review from 3D World expressed positivity in the SpaceMouse Pro sleek design for comfort and easy configuration; however, he also regarded it to be costly. A Yanko Design review cited the Space Explorer’s solid built, customization, design and positioning to be its primary positive factors, however, he gave the wrist pad and the device’s cost to be its negative attributes. Moreover, PCMag   expressed positive feedback on the SpaceNavigator’s intuitiveness, however, regarded the said device’s wide positioning options to be hard to familiarize oneself with.  They recommend the said device nonetheless for Google Earth users for optimum experience. CgArena have rated the SpaceExplorer a 4 stars out of a possible 5 for its composition, high end positioning feature, comfortable attribute and high level of control. RockSolid Pro cited its 10 fully programmable feature and the product’s comfort as its positive attribute but has specially mentioned the device’s LCD workflow assistant as its greatest function.

3Dconnexion: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Upon checking, 3Dconnexxion has not yet been BBB certified as of this time but it was certified by Creo. It has also been awarded with the if Product Design Award in 2008 for its design and functionality.  The said award is regarded to be the oldest and best known design competition and awards bestowed annually. The site has its own Press Room page to document and serve as a reference for the readers and the members of the press regarding their previous and future Press Releases. The company also has certifications listed on one of their website page from various workstation partners and engineers dealing with animation, modeling, game creation and visualization.

3Dconnexion: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, their official website globally ranks at 171,414th and 129,642nd in the US with 1,359 sites linking in. It also placed at 25,528th in Pakistan and 126,690th in Germany. The site’s visitor is mostly comprised of single males with age ranging from 25 to 34 with college education and mostly access the site from their workplace. GooglePage Rank rated the site a 6 out of a possible 10.

3Dconnexion: Social Media Presence

The site has a Twitter account with 10,818 followers where announcements and updates are posted and is religiously updated. They also have a Facebook page that garnered 6,885 likes which visitors use to post inquiries and interact with support. The site itself also has Blog page that enables the visitor to post inquiries and/or comments and share experiences in using the items. The site also has a FAQ page where the most frequent inquiries along with the respective answers for the user’s reference.

3Dconnexion: Website Security & Safety

McAfee showed the website to be safe and does not contain significant problems or any form malwares.  The same results given when the site underwent the Google diagnostic test. No remarkable problem has been found when the site was tested over the past 90 days. No malicious software has been found as well. The last time the site was tested was last December 7, 2012. No intermediary infection has been found as well.

3Dconnexion: Pricing & Packages

The site also has a Buy page where the prospective buyer can directly add the item to their cart. The said page displays the item along with its respective rate. They also have an education shops that offer special rates to qualified students, instructors and institutions. They also offer option for buyers to buy online or purchase to their educational reseller partners listed on the same page. It has a feature to aid visitors locate a reseller most convenient to their location. It can also be used in finding an online reseller.

3Dconnexion: Shipping Rates & Policies

The items will be delivered according to the client’s specified delivery method, the cost of which is indicated in the delivery option form and will incur extra charges. Deliveries outside of Germany may also incur additional rates and fees which the buyer will be responsible of. Delivery is within 10 working days. The buyer will be informed of any delays in delivery no later than 5 days upon receipt of order.

Should the delivery method differ in the from the buyer’s option, a reminder with a 2 week notice must be given to fix the issue, absence of which restricts the client from rescinding the contract. Partial deliveries may be made with the client’s approval. Additional cost will only apply upon specification.

3Dconnexion: Payment Methods Accepted

Payments can be made by bank transfers, credit or debit cards. They also accept payments by check or cash on delivery provided that the said option was offered by their online ordering process. Payment for items upon delivery becomes due and payable for cash on delivery option; others are due upon order confirmation.

The company gives out vouchers which can be redeemed from their online shop and to be requested during the online procedure. These vouchers are only valid once and only one can be redeemed per transaction.  These are transferrable but may be subjected to further restrictions.

3Dconnexion: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Order cancellation can be made without stating the reason by written notice at the provided email address or by sending back the goods within the two week period, however, the right to withdraw the order is excluded if the order was made in accordance the with client’s requested specifications or may subject to decay or expire or if the item relates to audio and video delivery or a tampered sealed software.

Warranties are governed by statutory law and conditions apply for it to be effective. Full details of which can be found at their official website’s Terms page.

3Dconnexion: Product images & screenshots
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